Trendy Thursdays "A Reason For Fashion"

The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine, Style Sorbet, and Glitz and Glam Tiff Presents “Trendy Thursdays” a one of a kind, interactive experience celebrating the local trends and scenes of only the best and the GOODS of urban San Diego living and culture. The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that gives readers the latest on urban San Diego fashion, music, entertainment, beauty, health, and relationship advice. The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine is a reflection of the acronym: Grooming, Outstanding, Originality, Defining, and Style. We provide our readership exactly what they need to live the G.O.O.D.S. life. For the past 3 years, we have prided ourselves in featuring individuals who exhibit these qualities, and dedicate a large portion of our publication to helping artists of all kinds, share their talents with the world. Trendy Thursdays is a celebration and presentation of the next phase of The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine. We will be highlighting talents and local outstanding fashion designers, artist, and businesses through an alternative media and culture experience. The event will be a multi-art experience, hosted at the exclusive, EQ Studios. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to A.R.T.S., A Reason To Survive, a creative youth development agency that offers free therapeutic art classes to middle school and high school students. They educate students in a wide variety of arts including visual arts, performing arts, media arts, culinary arts, literary arts, and music. Welcome to the GOODS Life and get ready for an exciting celebration converging art, fashion, and culture to San Diego’s growing urban community.

Start: Thu May 19th 6:30pm

End: Thu May 19th 10:00pm

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